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Custom Machining Project Gallery

Link Gear & Machine Company completes work on custom gears from cutting to manufacturing components. (You can add special coatings and plating if needed.) We manufacture from your drawings, samples, and designs to ensure everything is to your standards. Take a look at some of our past projects to get an idea of what we do.

Gear Cutting of a Steel High-Speed Motor Coupling Flange

A customer in the railroad transportation industry contacted us about machining a high-speed motor coupling flange. Our team examined the prints and 2D files of the part, planning the appropriate steps to manufacture the component. Using our Doosan Puma V550 vertical turning center, we machined the coupling flange out of 4340 steel. Our expertise allowed us to achieve a tolerance of .005" and concentrically of .0015". The 61 internal diameter teeth for the flange were cut using a specialized stub tooth gear cutter and the motor coupling flange was zinc plated to provide protection from the elements. The final component was delivered to Maryland for installation. See more details.

Gear Shaping of a Steel Compound Gear & Axle

This compound gear and axle was machined out of 8620 steel for use in winding machinery. The spec for the gear required a tolerance of +.0000"/-.0005" and both gears to be of AGMA quality class 9 (a minimum 0.0007" tooth-to-tooth composite tolerance). We used our Fellows Gear Shaper to cut the teeth for the compound gear. The larger, 4.095" diameter gear has 36 teeth and the adjoining 2.210" diameter gear has 20. This design allows the system in which the compound gear is used to speed up or slow down the rotation of the output gear it is mated with. The axle was turned using our Mori Seiki Lathe. The component was then heat treated to increase durability and decrease wear on teeth. The compound gear and axle was then shipped to Pennsylvania for installation. See more details.

Spline Cutting of Stainless Steel Gimbal Journal

Using our expertise in CNC machining, we were able to manufacture a very complex component for a customer in the homeland security industry. The most important feature of the part is the 24 teeth of the splines on all four shafts of the piece. It was very important that the spline cutting process held the required tolerance, so the journal would be compatible with previously produced internal splines on its mating part. Prior to cutting the splines, the stainless steel was heat treated to the H1100 condition. The spline cutting for the journal gimbal was performed on our gear shaping machine, while additional machining was performed using our lathe and milling machines. Passivation was performed on the part adhering to MIL-S-5002C, Type II. The journal gimbal was then delivered to Maryland for installation and use. See more details.

CNC Milling & Turning of an Aluminum Gimbal Mounting Adapter

A customer in the homeland security industry also turned to us to custom manufacture a mounting adapter for a very complex piece of machinery. This gimbal mounting adapter was machined out of 7075 aluminum using both our Mazak CNC and Kitamura CNC to execute the necessary milling and turning. Per the CAD and print drawing specifications, our machinists held a +.002"/-.000" tolerance to ensure the proper installation and positioning of the component within the larger assembly. The mounting adapter was anodized per MIL-C-5541B: Chemical Conversion Coatings on Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys to provide additional corrosion protection. The part was then shipped to Maryland for installation. See more details.