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About Link Gear & Machine Company

Link Gear & Machine Company is a privately-owned manufacturing company that fabricates custom gears and components in Baltimore, Maryland. Our team is familiar with custom machine parts, gears (spur, helical, bevel), and splines for machinery builders and designers. As members of the American Gear Manufacturers' Association (AGMA), our business strategy is to develop long-term relationships with customers by providing dependable service at a value.

Our Background

Link Gear and Machine Co. was originally founded in 1950 as the Ray V. Watson Company. The Link brothers purchased the company in 1989. It was very much a 1950s shop with a couple of machines that recalled 1950s culture. Early in 1992, the company partnered with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (N.I.S.T.) as the Beta site for modernizing shops in our industry. We were able to upgrade the shop with CNC machines, gear machinery, and inspection technology.

We are dedicated to a philosophy of continual improvement. We know this improvement allows us to provide high quality parts at a competitive price. Many organizations that need our services typically look to their own neighborhoods within 50 or 100 miles for sources. By emphasizing relationships and team building, we build relationships with long-term customers that they couldn’t get elsewhere. There are a number of long-standing customers of ours who used to be in Maryland but have relocated for various reasons, yet they still come back to us for their parts. As a result, we have customers in Toronto, California, Texas, Ohio, and Pennsylvania just to name a few.

Mission Statement

Link Gear & Machine Company's mission is to become the best supplier of custom gears and machine parts to our customers within our marketplace and to operate at a level comparable to industry leaders. The following operating principles will help us attain our goals.

1. We will focus on servicing our customers with great energy, dedication, and integrity.
2. We will provide high-quality products and services.
3. We will treat one another with honesty and dignity.
4. We will develop and train our most important resource: our employees.
5. We will maintain high ethical business standards.
6. We will commit to the imaginative application of contemporary technology.
7. We will operate at levels required to re-invest for future growth and innovation while remaining price competitive.